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We , the Ashman’s are a team which has been instrumental in promoting motor sports events and ushering a new era of engineers, where they will know, what practicality in technical world stands for. The AMT MotoCorp will act as a launch-pad to accord the seamless endurance of engineers and their prolific inputs. We will craft a world, where knowledge and wisdom in engineering domain will lead to imagination and innovation.

Much to the emergence of engineers in India in the last decades, the indispensability of this troupe has somewhat been whacked. Primarily, our competency will include giving birth to an atmosphere, where engineers do not feel their job as a livelihood, but a way to live life. A bridging gap is what, we will mend between the ideas and prospects of an engineer, who has no dearth of enthusiasm and zeal the Ashman pledge to work for the engineers, and to give the much needed impetus, which can make them operate without being asymptotic about the obstacles..


In our event our prime focus on Transparency on the Result and we also fill the gap between the organiser and Participants.

Quality & Value

We Encourage the Quality of model, not quantity of participants

Technology& Innovations

Every year we are promoting new innovation and new technology that come from young students.

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About EBRC

The E-bike racing challenge 2019 is an engineering level competition is which student pursuing engineering in any field especially mechanical and electronics can enhance their skills by participating in this event.
The students must design and subsequently test the bike for efficient and reliable performance, at the same time taking into considerations the market compatibility of the vehicle manufactured, cost efficiency etc. Through this event the students get an opportunity to develop technical as well as managerial skills and also know about real world problems. It also helps in Inter Domain Collaboration. Electric Bike is the need of future generation. The major benefit is that, it’s an eco-friendly competition which can bring a new revolution in the field of biking. The Purpose of all historic motorcycle racing is to provide an appropriate environment for, and to showcase competition among, classic and certain special-interest clubman and grand prix racing motorcycles. Ashman Motors recognizes the difficulty and problems involved in maintaining these rare and valuable machines.

These rules and class categories are founded upon the technical advice of experts and are intended to provide meaningful, fair competition. The rules and guidelines contained in this book have evolved from many former Ashman Motors clubs. They represent the latest thinking and evolution of the E-bike racing challenge. The aim is to provide the best and safest competition through uniform rules and consistent application. Our main aim is to look over the eco-friendly automobiles vehicles which will be the need of the future generation. This event is going to be organized third time in INDIA. After the grand success of EBRC-2015, EBRC-2016,EBRC-2017 and EBRC-2018 we are launching a new phase of this green event.

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